Hi Guys !!


My name is Kasey. I'm a 32yo, single white female, entertaining in Baltimore, MD. I'm 5'4" and weigh about 130 lbs. I'm a blonde with blue eyes and perky 36 DD breasts. All the photos I've posted are really me and there are some undoctored selfies, so you can see me as I am ! There will be no bait and switch here.

I'm a Body Rub provider that has dabbled in all aspects of the Adult Entertainment Industry. I find that I really love doing Body Rubs. I find that its more intimate and I can build more genuine connections in this field.

I'm looking to make long term mutually beneficial relationships...friendships that will last. Yes, it can be done. I know that with some girls, sessions can be very clinical and robotic. You feel it during the session and when its over that there is no connection. Why is that? Well, I can tell you. She most likely has no interest in you and its all about the $$. With me, it will be different ! Yes, the $$ is important, but in order to have longevity in this industry you must invest yourself in it. I know that If you take the time to know your clients and allow them to know you, then  they will come back time and time again. So, with the attitude you can only be rewarded with a fabulous time with a gorgeous girl, that is sweet, personable, educated and loves to give fabulous sensual massages !!! and I love men !!! How can you go wrong ??

The best body rubs are when you are getting the "full experience", which means getting to know your girl, her getting to know you !! The loving and affectionate touches that you receive are sincere and really tantalizing. You have to be turned on my her, so she should be cute, pretty or hot.

No, its not always about looks, but it doesn't hurt that your body rub girl has a slamming body !

Mutual Touch - OK

Reverse Massage Time - OK

Be Respectful in Communications

Text First-I Don't Pick Up Random Calls

Be Timely for Appts-Not Late or Early

Present Rose Donation at Beginning of Date

Whether you come for the 60 min, 90 min or two hour session....all my rub sessions are unrushed, methodical and very calculated. I will tantalize and tease all of you, from head to toe. Your time under my hands will start with a near therapeutic massage. I will rub and knead your muscles to help work out some minor kinks, however I'm not a licensed massage therapist, so this portion is not intended to be a deep tissue process. Remember, you've come to a body rub girl !! This type of session is about sensual, sexy and stimulating and more suggestive touches designed to tempt and tease!!


I have a half hour session posted, although I prefer not to do these. There is never a connection to be made with something this short. You are in and out. If that's what you want, then fine, but please don't expect a mind blowing experience when all you gave me was 30 minutes. 30 minute sessions are naturally rushed !!

Relax, as my expert hands glide over your back and body, gently easing knots as they stroke & knead. Let your mind drift as my hands match the rhythmic beat of the music that I have softly playing in the distance. Relish in the occasional teasing caresses. You’ll delight in my smooth creamy skin and ample curves slipping & sliding over your body as I give you an amazing body rub.

I do the three touch body rub system, which if you don't know already will including the kneading rub down, the 100% light body scratching and the light fingertip scratching of your  body. If you've never experienced the three touch system, you are in for a treat. Its extremely relaxing but also stimulating !! When I'm done with you, you will be relaxed, less stressed and very happy !!

Yes, I allow mutual touch during our time together....with respectful boundaries. Your hands can wander and feel my firm youthful body, but if I say NO to something you are doing, just stop !! Not a big deal, just move your hands to some place else !! Easy enough.

If we can play out your time properly, there should be a little bit of time for you to lay me down and give me a body rub. Copy what I just did for you onto my body !! I do prefer the longer sessions (90 min or 2 hours) so that we have time slow things down and really enjoy each phase of our time together.

I do provide an Incall location for our get together, however I will also do Outcall to your location. There will be an Outcall surcharge which depends on your location. Outcall Deposit will be required through CashApp

*Please be respectful in all communications with me.

*30yo and over is preferred

*Cash Only

You can fill out my contact form in this site or email me with the requested info. I  use the info in the form to verify you. If I have any difficulties with this, I will ask for a couple of local references from you. All legitimate providers will have some sort of screening process. Be assured, I delete my messages frequently to insure your safety as well as mine.

If you have to reschedule and appt, I ask you to respectfully do it within a reasonable time, so that I can re-book that time slot. Last minute cancellations will result in you being blocked from booking future appts

Tipping is always appreciated !!


30 min Rush - 160

1.0 hr - 200

1.5 hr - 280

2.0 hr - 360

200 each additional hour

Mon- Friday (Sat)

10am til ???


near BWI

Cash Only




Contact Me
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